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Free Spelling Rules taken from the book 100 Spelling Rules

Learn now the spelling of 240 words instantly!

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Spelling Rules Book

Exclusive 100 Spelling Rules discovered by Linguist Camilia Sadik

Free Spelling Rules that answer these Questions

Spelling Rules Book1. When to use “cial” as in “social or “tial” as in “essential?

2. When to use “f” as infont” or ph” as ingeography” or “gh as inenough”?

3. When to use “tion” as innation,” sion as inexpressionorcian” as inmusician”?

4. The “sion” as invisionoccurs in approximately 38 English words.

5. When to use “ege” as incollegeor “age as incabbage”?

6. When to use “a” and not “e” as in separate, vulgar, liar, etc.?


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Phonics and Spelling Books

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Linguist Camilia Sadik spent 15 years discovering 100 spelling rules that no one else had seen before. Sadik applied the rules in 600 phonics-based spelling lessons, used 30 unique learning features that make learning inescapable, class-tested her phonics lessons, and documented her work in 10 phonics-based spelling books

Learning phonics means identifying which letter or combination of letters to choose when spelling every single sound in every English word. Sadik’s books teach the spelling of nearly all of the combinations of letters and the letters that do not sound like their letter name in 32,000 words.

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Both of my parents were professors at SDSU and they tried hundreds of tutors and teachers but everyone gave up on me…. I took the CBEST and past it the first time, all three sections. I know you know this but you probably still enjoy hearing it, that your class I think got me and is getting me through my spelling difficulties. I will always be thankful! I really feel your program is helping make the difference in my success.

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