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5th Grade Phonics Books are 5 Books by Camilia Sadik

5th graders will spell hundreds of words at a time! Guaranteed! 

4 Free Books! Pay for 6 books to get the other 4 Free! A saving of $219  

4 Free Books



Phonics and Spelling Books

Our 10 Books contain 100 Spelling Rules applied in 600 Phonics Lessons


Guaranteed Learning from these Comprehensive and Logical 5th Grade Phonics Books

Read Instantly is a book by Camilia SadikVowel A in a BookVowel E in a BookConsonants in a BookHow to Teach Phonics to Kids and to Adults

Meaning of Learning Phonics: The term “teaching or learning phonics” is not usually used to mean learning the ABCs. Typically, “teaching or learning phonics” means learning the sounds produced by combinations of letters like the “ture” in “culture” and by letters that do not sound like their letter name like the “c” in “chips.”

Sadik’s 10 books are for learning to spell nearly all of the combinations of letters and just about all of the letters that do not sound like their letter name in 32,000 words. Learning phonics precisely means identifying which letter or combination of letters to choose when spelling every English sound in every English word.

Logical Learning Style causes Spelling Difficulties: If a child is in the 5th grade and with spelling difficulties and stumbling when reading aloud, that child’s learning style must be a logical learning style. This means if that child is provided with logical explanations or spelling rules, he or she will easily memorize the spelling of English words. If no logical explanations or spelling rules are provided, logical learners become poor spellers and soon after that, they are told they have dyslexia in reading or in spelling or in both.

Solutions for Spelling Difficulties: The vast majority of people are logical learners and they need our 100 spelling rules to know when to spell a sound one-way and not the other, as in the final sound in social, substantial, and controversial. Our 5th grade phonics books are logical and thus they are the solution for any reading and spelling difficulties.

Guaranteed Learning: The 5th grade phonics books by Linguist Camilia Sadik are guaranteed to teach the spelling of phonics in hundreds of words at a time. Usually, older children learn from these books with weeks or months.

Teach or learn now the spelling of 820 words instantly by clicking here and here.

Begin with Read Instantly

Begin with the book Read Instantly even if your child can read and comprehend, because Read Instantly is not only to teach reading phonics; it is also to teach the basic rules that govern the spelling of phonics in words. After that, teach from The Vowel A, The Consonants, The Vowel E, and then the rest of the vowels.

Vowels and Phonics: Vowels rule English and they cannot be avoided; and learning the vowels is the most important part of learning to spell phonics in words. From these 5th grade phonics books, you will teach spelling logically. Soon after that, you will need to teach the rest of English from the rest of our books. Our books are comprehensive; they contain all of the sounds and spelling patterns of phonics, not just bits and pieces of them.

Why parents must get involved? Parents must get involved because teaching the spelling of phonics in thousands of words is a process that requires much more time than simply teaching the ABC’s. Obviously, our schools have not been able to do it alone; otherwise, we would not have had such high illiteracy rate. No teacher has the time needed to teach your child to read or spell 90 sounds we call phonics spelled in over 180 ways we call spelling patterns in thousands of words. Teachers may recommend these 5th grade phonics books to parents, and most parents will be more than happy to get involved.

Solutions to End Dyslexia

how do we get dyslexia

Understanding how your child got dyslexia is half of the solution to ending dyslexia. Dyslexic persons are logical learners. When no logical spelling rules are provided, logical learners are the ones who become poor spellers and then get dyslexia in spelling. Read this short article to learn how your child got dyslexia → How do you get dyslexia?  

Dyslexia Can End: Don’t worry if your child has dyslexia; Sadik’s books have been helping those who everyone else has given up on them. Dyslexia in spelling and in writing letters in reverse quickly ends after learning to spell, and after slowing down to write words slowly. See how Lee Learned in a Week! 

10 Comprehensive Phonics-based Spelling Books

Phonics and Spelling Books

1. Read Instantly (200 Logical Phonics Lessons for All Ages) Amazon $52 — or — Our Price $45 — or — Special Offer

2. Learn to Spell 500 Words a Day (6 volumes) Amazon $52 per volume or — Our Price $45 per volume — or — Special Offer

3. 100 Spelling Rules (Rules that no one else had seen before!) Amazon $98 — or — Our Price $78 — or Special Offer

4The Compound Words (7,000 Words) Amazon $52 or — Our Price $45 — or — Special Offer

5. How to Teach Phonics – Teachers’ Guide Amazon $27 — or — Our Price $20or — Special Offer

Price of the 10 books from Amazon = $541. Our price for the 10 books = $312 (541 – 312 = 219), a saving of $219 when buying the 10 books together from us, which is equivalent to getting 4 Free Books. See  → 4 Free Books Details

Linguist Camilia Sadik spent 15 years discovering 100 spelling rules that no one else had seen before. Sadik applied the rules in 600 phonics-based spelling lessons, used 30 unique learning features that make learning inescapable, class-tested her phonics lessons, and documented her work in 10 phonics-based spelling books

Learning phonics means identifying which letter or combination of letters to choose when spelling every single sound in every English word. Sadik’s books teach the spelling of nearly all of the combinations of letters and the letters that do not sound like their letter name in 32,000 words.

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I am on the Language Arts Curriculum Work Team for the Kansas City, Missouri School District. I don’t know yet if you truly realize the scope of what you have done. Your program is sensible, yet comprehensive. Bravo!!!! 

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