100 Spelling Rules is a book to learn to spell logically. Apply a rule and learn the spelling of hundreds of words at a time! Guaranteed!

Book 3: 100 Spelling Rules
Exclusive 100 Spelling Rules

100 Spelling Rules is a 252-page colored book by Linguist Camilia who spent 15 years intensely dissecting English to make the spelling of English words logical for all ages and all types of learners. She worked hard to make spelling easy.  

Simplified Lessons: There are 105 lessons in 100 Spelling Rules and each lesson begins with a spelling rule; each rule is followed by a list of nearly all the words that follow it, and advanced students are are asked to read aloud to memorize the spelling of 20 to 50 long words an hour.

Advanced Students: Advanced students are those who finished learning the 13,000 essential words in Learn to Spell 500 Words a Day, which is for the intermediate level. 100 Spelling Rules is for the advanced students and they are guaranteed to learn the spelling of 20 to 50 words an hour. Advanced students can learn now the spelling of 240 words instantly →Free Spelling Rules

Learning the Words, not the Rules: Learning to spell requires learning the rules when they are applied in practice lessons; it does not mean learning the rules alone. Phonics and vowels rule English and they cannot be avoided. Without the practice lessons in the preceding phonics and vowels books, the book 100 Spelling Rules alone may teach the rules but not the actual spelling of words.

The 10 Phonics Books are Cumulative: One needs to be fluent in spelling a word like “sign” before spelling “consignment.” Pay attention to the title of Learn to Spell 500 Words a Day; the title says this is the book to learn to spell, not 100 Spelling Rules. Moreover, most of the lessons in 100 Spelling Rules are to learn word endings (suffixes), and one must know how to spell the vowels and consonants inside words before learning to spell word endings.

Comprehensive Spelling Rules: 100 Spelling Rules is a comprehensive book of the rules that govern phonics and word endings. Its 105 detailed spelling lessons cover nearly all of the questions that can be asked about spelling an English sound one-way and not the other. Nearly all of the words of same sound and same spelling pattern, which follow a specific rule, are grouped together and prepared for advanced students to read aloud and learn. For instance, the sion phonic as in expression is presented in all 47 words that contain this phonic.

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More about 100 Spelling Rules

1. For the Advanced Level: If you can read and spell but still need to improve your spelling, then 100 Spelling Rules is the book for you. Read Instantly is for beginners, Learn to Spell 500 Words a Day is for the intermediate level, and 100 Spelling Rules is for the advanced level. 100 Spelling Rules is for children in the 4th grade and up, and for adult learners. Moreover, 100 Spelling Rules is ideal for teachers to teach the spelling of hundreds of words at time to advanced students. 

2. For Logical Learners: Learners with spelling difficulties learn differently; their learning style is a logical learning style. They need logical explanations or spelling rules before they can memorize the spelling of words. Advanced logical learners, whether children or adults, need 100 Spelling Rules to learn the spelling of 12,000 long, multi-syllabic words.

3. For All Types of Learners: 100 Spelling Rules works for older children in the 4th grade and up, adult learners, dyslexic persons, and advanced ESL students. Before the 100 spelling rules were discovered, learning phonics was based strictly on memorization. People had to memorize, without logic, which spelling pattern of a phonic to choose, when spelling each sound in every single word.

4. For Spelling: After learning phonics in 1,400 basic words from Read Instantly, children and adults need to continue with learning phonics from Learn to Spell 500 Words a Day in 13,000 essential words. After that, they need to continue with learning phonics from 100 Spelling Rules in 12,000 long, multi-syllabic words.

5. For Advanced ESL Students: English language learners who can speak English and are finished with Read Instantly and Learn to Spell 500 Words a Day, are now ready for 100 Spelling Rules—they learn similar to the way natives learn. 

6. For Guaranteed Learning: 100 Spelling Rules cannot be avoided because it contains 12,000 significantly useful words that must be learned. Advanced learners are guaranteed to learn logically the spelling of 20 to 50 words an hour and gain fluency and confidence in reading aloud. Dyslexia in spelling and in writing letters in reverse ends, after learning to spell and after slowing down to write words slowly. 

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