The Compound Words is a book that contains nearly all of the compound and hyphenated words. Over 7,000 words are grouped, colored and prepared for children and adults to read and learn.

A compound word is composed of two or more words, as in cannot. A hyphenated word is made of the two or more words that are separated by hyphens, as in facetoface.

Book 4: The Compound Words

Learn to Spell 500 Words a Day is a book in six volumes. The titles of the six volumes are The Vowel A, The Vowel E, The Vowel I, The Vowel O, The Vowel U, and The Consonants. 

The Compound Words contains over 5,000 compound words and 2,000 hyphenated words.

Grouping of Words: The 7,000 words are isolated in this 154-page colored book, grouped alphabetically, colored, and prepared for adults and children to read and learn. 

For instance, 106 compound words and 29 hyphenated words that begin with an “a” are grouped, colored, and listed on the first three pages in The Compound Words. The words are grouped and prepared for teachers to teach and / or for students to learn.

Learning the compound words is fun and easy. You will learn the spelling of hundreds of words at a time, simply by looking at these words.

If you wish to memorize the 7,000 words in a very short time, read them aloud slowly as many times as needed until you memorize their spelling.

The Compound Words is the ninth book in a series of ten. With the help of a teacher or a parent, The Compound Words can be for children of any age. It is also for adults and older children who can read but cannot spell the words that they read.

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10 e-books available for all e-readers and free apps

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