Free Spelling Rules taken from the book 100 Spelling Rules. These free spelling rules teach now the spelling of 240 words instantly.

100 Spelling Rules

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Free Spelling Rules that answer the following Questions

1. When to use “cial” as in “social” or “tial” as in “essential?

2. When to use the “f” as in “font” or “ph” as in “geography” or “gh” as in “enough”?

3. Do we use “tion” as in “nation,” or “sion” as in “expression” or “cian” as in “musician”?

4. The “sion” as in “vision” occurs in approximately 38 English words.

5. When to use “ege” as in “college” or “age” as in “cabbage”?

6. When to use the “a” and not the “e” as in separate, vulgar, liar, etc.?

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