Phonics: Exclusive 100 Spelling Rules applied in 600 Phonics Lessons. This is the only comprehensive phonics program. Children and adults learn to read and spell 32,000 words within weeks or months! Guaranteed!

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We offer the only comprehensive phonics and spelling program for all ages. Our phonics program is utilized in 10 books that contain 100 exclusive spelling rules applied in 600 phonics lessons with 30 unique learning features that make learning inescapable.

Phonics and Spelling Program

You or your child are guaranteed to read and spell 20 to 50 words an hour and dyslexia in spelling and reversing letters ends, after learning to spell and after slowing down to read and write words slowly.
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10 e-books are available for all e-readers and free apps, see →Kindle Store

Guaranteed Learning, Exclusive 100 Spelling Rules, 30 Learning Features, Simple Direct Instructions in 10 Books

Phonics and Spelling Books

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E-books are available for all e-readers and free apps, see →Kindle Store

Meaning of Learning Phonics

Typically, learning phonics means learning the sounds produced by combinations of letters like the “sion” in “expression” and by letters that do not sound like their letter name like the “o” in “tomb” 
Learning phonics precisely means identifying which letter or combination of letters to choose when spelling every single sound in every English word. Learning phonics means learning to read and spell English words.
The 10 books by Linguist Camilia teach nearly all of the combinations of letters and the letters that do not sound like their letter name in 32,000 words. →10 Books

The Only Comprehensive Phonics Program

Our program is the only comprehensive phonics program; it contains not 60 but 600 phonics lessons. The 600 phonics lessons cover 90 sounds we call phonics and their 180 spelling patterns. Phonics and their spelling patterns are presented in over 32,000 words. The words are then used in detailed and multi-sensory practice lessons.

Guaranteed Learning: Our Program works for students in K-12 and for adult learners. Older children and adults, capable of learning the ABC’s, are guaranteed to read and spell 20 to 50 words an hour. K-3 children are guaranteed to read and spell 20 words an hour. All types of learners have been learning to spell hundreds of words at a time.

30 Unique Learning Features

This is the only phonics-based spelling program that contains not few, but 30 unique learning features. Having that many learning features in one comprehensive phonics program makes learning to read and spell inescapable.
In fact, no learner has escaped learning to read or spell from our program. An example of a feature is the grouping of nearly all the words that share a sound and a spelling pattern. Learners feel they can conquer English when they see such comprehensive lists of words. Read more

Simplified Direct Instructions

The direct instructions in our phonics-based spelling books are easy to follow. Every one of our 600 phonics lessons begins with a spelling rule and with simple direct instructions. Usually, older children and adults learn without the help of a teacher.

Using the book Read Instantly, parents easily follow instructions and teach children to read before sending them to schools. Linguist Camilia worked hard to make learning easy and possible for all ages and all types of learners.

The Only Logical Phonics and Spelling Program

If needed, see What is phonics? This program contains 100 spelling rules that govern the spelling of phonics in words. We inject a logical spelling rule at the beginning of every one of our 600 phonics lessons. English is dissected and this is the only program that makes sense of the way English words are spelled.
The order of the lessons introduced is carefully planned. No words are thrown randomly at people to memorize without careful planning and without previous logical explanations or spelling rules. Initially, all of the sounds we call phonics and their spelling patterns are placed in a queue awaiting their turn to be introduced logically and one-at-a-time.

New and Simple Solutions for Dyslexia

Dyslexia in reading or in spelling or in both ends after learning to spell from our 10 books, and after learning to use our simple technique to slow down to write words slowly. Typically, students with reading or spelling difficulties are told they have dyslexia, with no explanations of what dyslexia is, what causes it, and without any solutions for it. Our most important solution for dyslexia begins with understanding it. To understand dyslexia, simply see →How do you get dyslexia?
See how easily and quickly we ended dyslexia for Lee Ray →Lee Learned to Read in a Week!

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Lisa Miller, Amazon Verified Purchase, “Purchased this book after searching tirelessly for an answer to my dilemma. This book has helped my dyslexic husband to be confident in his desire to finally help himself read! I believe that Camilia is a true hero; she has developed a way of teaching that makes sense to otherwise hopeless feeling students. Would highly recommend this book to anyone of any age struggling with reading. It’s our little miracle book! Thank you Ms Camilia!” Notably, our program has been helping those who everyone else has given up on them. →Testimonials Page

10 Phonics and Spelling Books or E-books

Phonics and Spelling Books
1. Read Instantly (200 Logical Phonics Lessons) Amazon $52 — or — Our Price $45 — or — Special Offer
2. Learn to Spell 500 Words a Day (6 volumes) Amazon $52 each — or — Our Price $45 each — or — Special Offer
3. 100 Spelling Rules (Exclusive Rules) Amazon $98 — or — Our Price $78 — or Special Offer
4The Compound Words (7,000 Words) Amazon $52 or — Our Price $45 — or — Special Offer
5. How to Teach Phonics – Teachers’ Guide Amazon $27 — or — Our Price $20or — Special Offer

All 10 books Amazon $541 — or — Our Price $312

10 e-books are available for all e-readers and free apps
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Here’s what our satisfied clients say:

Leslie Riggs, Kansas City State Attorney for the prison system and for Charter Schools wrote, Leslie wrote, “Camilia: I am pleased that you have found a life’s work that promises to help so many people. I am glad you came to America.”