How to Teach Phonics to Children and Adults! How to teach 100 Spelling Rules applied in 600 Phonics Lessons in 10 Books

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Book 5: How to Teach Phonics – Teachers Guide

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How to Teach Phonics – Teachers’ Guide is an 88-page colored book that contains easy instructions to teach or to learn from the 10 phonics and spelling books.

Meaning of Teaching Phonics: The term “teaching phonics” is not usually used to mean learning only the ABCs. Typically, “teaching or learning phonics” refers to learning the sounds produced by combinations of letters like the sound “cian” in “technician” and by letters that do not sound like their letter name like the “ch” in “chemistry.”

Learning phonics precisely means identifying which letter or combination of letters to choose when spelling every English sound in every English word. The 10 phonics books are for learning the spelling of nearly all of the combinations of letters and the letters that do not sound like their letter name in 32,000 words. 

Comprehensive Spelling Tests: How to Teach Phonics contains comprehensive spelling tests; the words in the test are carefully selected to include nearly all of the spelling pattern of phonics.

Concepts Used: How to Teach Phonics contains explanations of old and new concepts like vowels, long vowels, short vowels, consonants, semivowels, schwa, syllables, phonics, learning phonics, understanding dyslexia, dyslexia in spelling, dyslexia in  reversing letters, ending dyslexia, preventing dyslexia before the 4th grade, logical learning style, etc. 

Symbols Used: How to Teach Phonics contains explanations of the symbols used in the 10 books.

More: How to Teach Phonics contains explanations of the 30 unique learning features used throughout the 10 books; and that many features in one program make learning inescapable. In addition, this book contains explanations of the teaching methodology used, of the reading aloud slowly approach, and much more.

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10 Phonics and Spelling Books or E-books

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5. How to Teach Phonics – Teachers’ Guide Amazon $27 — or — Our Price $20or — Special Offer

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10 e-books are available for all e-readers and free apps
See the e-books on →Kindle Store

10 e-books available for all e-readers and free apps

See the 10 e-books on →Kindle Store

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“Both of my parents were professors at SDSU and they tried hundreds of tutors and teachers but everyone gave up on me…. I took the CBEST and past it the first time, all three sections. I know you know this but you probably still enjoy hearing it, that your class I think got me and is getting me through my spelling difficulties. I will always be thankful! I really feel your program is helping make the difference in my success.” Al Graham, age 44 Cuyamaca College, San Diego