Read Instantly is a book for children and adults to learn phonics and to learn to read instantly! Guaranteed!

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Book 1: Read Instantly is a Comprehensive Book of Phonics

Learning Phonics and Phonics Rules: Read Instantly is for beginners who have not yet learned phonics and phonics rules, or for those who missed learning phonics when they were growing up. Beginners may be of any age and can be those who cannot yet read, or those who can read but cannot spell the words that they read, or those who stumble when reading aloud.

Learning Vowels and Vowels Rules: Each vowel is isolated in a chapter in Read Instantly; it is a mini version of the book Learn to Spell 500 Words a Day. Every sound and spelling pattern of a vowel is introduced step-by-step and in a group of approximately 50 words.

Introduction to Phonics: Because it contains 200 introductory phonics lessons, Read Instantly is not only for reading; it is also for learning the rules that govern the spelling of phonics inside words. The words presented are carefully selected, they build gradually, and they are mainly short and less intimidating for beginners. For instance, learning begins with rules that govern words like plan and plain and then plane. More examples: [plan, plain, plane] [hop, hope] [hopped, hoped] [auto, awful, always, all] [action, expression, fashion, musician] [lie→lying, die→dying, dye→dying], etc.

Guarantees: Children and adults are guaranteed to learn to read 180 spelling patterns of the 90 sounds that we called phonics in 1,400 basic but essential words. In addition, they learn to spell 20 to 50 words an hour from this 154-page colored book. Most adults and older children finish reading this entire 154-page book aloud within days or weeks. As soon they start reading this book, students see huge results in the first hour or two. Anyone capable of learning the ABC’s is guaranteed to read instantly and spell, at least, 20 words an hour from Read Instantly. Very young children in kindergarten may take a few months to finish reading this book because of their short attention span.

Cumulative Books: These 10 phonics and spelling are cumulative and Read Instantly is the first book to learn to spell.

Placing Phonics in a Queue: Initially, 180 spelling patterns of over 90 sounds that we call phonics are placed in a queue awaiting their turn to be introduced logically, one-at-a-time, and in a group of 20 to 50 words. Every lesson is carefully planned and no words are randomly thrown at people to read or spell without a logical structure. For instance, no student is asked to read a word like “my” until the final “y” that sounds like an “i” reaches its turn in the queue and is introduced logically; students are informed of the rule that the final “y” in short words sounds like a long ī, as in by, my, fly, why, cry, dry, and fry. 

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Who benefits from Read Instantly?

Logical Learners: Learners with reading or spelling difficulties learn differently; their learning style is a logical learning style. They need logical explanations or spelling rules before they can memorize the spelling of words. All of those with spelling difficulties, whether children or adults are logical learners and they need to start with Read Instantly to learn the basic rules that govern phonics, even if they can read and comprehend.

All Types of Learners: Read Instantly works for K-3, older children, adult learners, dyslexic persons, brain-injured persons, ESL students, and all types of learners. 

Anyone Capable of Learning the ABC’s: Read Instantly is for anyone capable of learning the ABC’s and cannot yet read for any reason. All learners capable of learning the English alphabet are guaranteed to learn to read instantly from this book. 

Those with Spelling Difficulties: Children and adults with spelling difficulties need to start with Read Instantly to learn phonics phonics in a brand-new way. Read Instantly is an essential step for reading phonics and for spelling basic words. These 10 books are cumulative and skipping this book is like forcing a baby to run before she or he can crawl or walk. If students stumble when reading aloud, they definitely need Read Instantly for spelling and to build a foundation for learning phonics. Learning phonics is an step that cannot be avoided for logical learners. No logical learner can escape phonics and learn to spell.

K-3: Read Instantly is the book for parents to teach reading before sending kids to schools and for teachers to teach the foundation of phonics and phonics rules in K-3.

Dyslexic Persons: If anyone was forced into speed-reading before learning to spell words, there is no doubt that person has dyslexia in spelling and in writing letters in reverse. Using Read Instantly is the first step toward reversing dyslexia or ending it among those who have it. Dyslexic learners must slow down to write words slowly for a year or two. In time and after learning to spell, they will acquire the ability to speed-read again naturally and without force.

K-3 Kids to Prevent Dyslexia: In addition to reversing dyslexia, this is the book for teachers or parents to prevent dyslexia before the 4th grade. Traditional reading programs that advocate speed-reading too soon, give our kids dyslexia before the 4th grade. Understanding how people get dyslexia is the key to ending it!

Brain-injured Persons: Read Instantly has been used to teach reading and spelling to countless brain-injured students, and they learned to read and spell instantly from it. Apparently, brain-injured persons become logical learners, this book was not intentionally written for them, but it has been working for them. 

ESL Students even if they cannot speak: English language learners have been reading phonics from Read Instantly even when they don’t know the meaning of the words they are reading—they learn phonics similar to the way we learn the ABC’s, which have no meaning as letters sanding alone. For example, they learn to read “tion” as in “action” even if they don’t know the meaning of the word “action.” After learning to read “action,” they look up its meaning in their dictionaries.

Students that no one else can teach: Read Instantly has been helping those who everyone else has given up on them!

30 Unique Learning Features

There are over 30 unique learning features in the 10 phonics and spelling books. These learning features have been making learning to read and spell inescapable. All ages and all types of learners learn to read and spell without any exceptions. A few such features in Read Instantly are:

1. Order of the Lessons Presented: The order of the lessons presented in Read Instantly is carefully planned and lessons build gradually. No words are thrown randomly at people to read or spell; instead, every spelling pattern of the sounds we call phonics is initially placed in a queue awaiting its turn to be introduced logically, one-at-a-time, and in a group of 20 to 50 words.

2. The Informing before Introducing Approach: The principal of Informing before Introducing a new spelling pattern of a sound is applied throughout Read Instantly. No student is asked to read or spell a sound in a word that has not been introduced beforehand. For instance, a word like “my” is introduced only after informing learners that the final “y” can sound like an “i” in small one-syllable words like my, sky, by, try, etc. Another example is that only after informing, are students asked to read words that contain silent letters; and, all of the silent letters are italicized in Read Instantly, as in knot, knob, knit, lodge, dumb, and bomb

Sample Lesson from Read Instantly

» For teachers: Please read and explain to students. Inform before Introducing any new spelling patterns of phonics, as in these various spelling patterns of phonics made by the letter “y”:

• The initial “y” is a consonant at the beginning of words or syllables: you, ro·yal

• The initial “y” is a consonant at the beginning of words or syllables: you, ro·yal

• The final “y” in longer words becomes a long ē: happy, history

• The final “ey” becomes a long ē in approximately 40 English nouns: key, money, valley

• The final “ay” becomes a long ā: play, day, stay

• The special sound of ōy: boy, toy, joy, enjoy

• The stressed “y” at the end of a syllable is a long ī: by·pass

• The “y” inside a syllable can be a short ĭ: Lynn, gym, gymnasium

» To students: Read aloud to memorize and read slowly to see the way words are spelled and to avoid seeing letters in reverse:

• my, why, by, sly, shy

• funny, happy, happily, carry, hurry

• key, donkey, money, valley, alley

• day, play, way, tray, say

• boy, toy, employ, joy, enjoy

Phonics lessons in Read Instantly are short and less intimidating. For instance, the “ai” phonic is initially presented in 20 words, but at a later chapter, it is presented in 50 words. The same “ai” phonic is later presented in 210 words in Learn to Spell 500 Words a Day

10 Phonics and Spelling Books or E-books

1. Read Instantly (200 Logical Phonics Lessons) Amazon $52 — or — Our Price $45 — or — Special Offer
2. Learn to Spell 500 Words a Day (6 volumes) Amazon $52 each — or — Our Price $45 each — or — Special Offer
3. 100 Spelling Rules (Exclusive Rules) Amazon $98 — or — Our Price $78 — or Special Offer
4The Compound Words (7,000 Words) Amazon $52 or — Our Price $45 — or — Special Offer
5. How to Teach Phonics – Teachers’ Guide Amazon $27 — or — Our Price $20or — Special Offer

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10 e-books are available for all e-readers and free apps
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E-books for all e-readers and free apps

E-books on→ Kindle Store

Here’s what our satisfied clients say:

Lisa MillerAmazon Verified Purchase of Read Instantly

“Purchased this book after searching tirelessly for an answer to my dilemma. Read Instantly has helped my dyslexic husband to be confident in his desire to finally help himself read! I believe that Ms. Camilia is a true hero; she has developed a way of teaching that makes sense to otherwise hopeless feeling students. Would highly recommend this book to anyone of any age struggling with reading. It’s our little miracle book! Thank you Ms. Camilia!”