Meaning of Phonics

Prevent Alzheimer Linguistically What is phonics? What is the meaning of phonics? Phonics is a group of English sounds. A phonic is a single sound produced by 1) a letter that does not sound like its letter name, like the “o” in “to” or 2) by two or more letters, like the “ey” in “monkey” and the “sion” in “expression” or […]

Vowels and Consonants

Vowels rule English and they cannot be avoided. Vowels are inconsistent; each vowel has a short sound, a long sound, and a number of other sounds. Vowels are the strong letters and consonants are the weak letters. Consonants often double to preserve their sounds, as in class.

How do you get Dyslexia?

ph is a phonic and f is a plain letter. Reading phonics is easier than spelling phonics because one English sound we call phonic can be spelled in many different ways we call spelling patterns.